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Establishment and painter - College Works Painting at 523 Buena Vista Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501, US. On this page you will find information about the company, its opening hours of the company, telephone and address and customer testimonials.

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523 Buena Vista Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501
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Phone number:
+1 510-270-2251

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Opening hours

Monday 08:00am — 05:00pm
Tuesday 08:00am — 05:00pm
Wednesday 08:00am — 05:00pm
Thursday 08:00am — 05:00pm
Friday 08:00am — 05:00pm
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Reviews about College Works Painting

  • Rosslyn White
    Oct, 20 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    We hired College Works to paint the stucco and rafters on our home in Dana Point. We could not be happier with the outcome. Kaitlyn Scalera was our project manager and she and her crew did an excellent job. She did exactly what she promised and she was responsive to all of our needs. She even painted my mailbox for free! I was pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism that Kaitlyn displayed. The price was reasonable and the result far exceeded our expectations. Thank you Kaitlyn and College Works for a job well done!
  • Randall Reed
    Mar, 26 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    We have had a very unfortunate experience with College Works. Our job was very poorly done. We had to arrange for numerous "stop work orders." so that we could explain what was going wrong.

    Basically, they did not want to prep the house properly, as they detailed in thier contract they would scape off the loose paint, fill in the "divots" and leave the siding boards smooth. They would also open up all of the horizontal gaps between the siding boards. What actually happen is that they painted over peeling paint and they left a mosaic of divots in the siding boards. They were supposed to paint the house in the same colors and in the same pattern as it was - there are three colors. They got the colors right, but it was a real struggle to get them to do things like wrap the trim paint around the sides of the windows and corner columns, like it was before they started. Another problem is that they primed the house before they prepped the house. They claimed that priming the house would make it easier to see what prep was needed! To date every painter we have talked to said this was ridiculous and wrong. The only real reason was to hide areas that needed prepping. At one point they told me they were done (this was the third time they said they were done) yet they had not painted one side of the house and three of the french doors!

    We have stained double front doors and sidelights. They did not know how to refinish them and damaged them considerably - this they agreed needed to be repaired by some one else and they would cover the cost.

    Basically, what should have been a 4 week job became an 8 week job, AND, we will now have to hire others to repair the entry way, finish painting the trim, and to fill and repaint the siding where it wasn't prepped properly.
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